Wednesday, January 05, 2005


As a collector of Roman Imperial coins and dedicated to the completion of my Twelve Caesars, the recent addition of Galba now means I require only Otho and Julius Caesar. Here is some information on Galba

Sevius Sulpicius Galba born
ca. 3BC. Galba was a distinguished Senator who had served the Julio
Claudian line of emperors since the time of Augustus. However he proved
to be an ineffective emperor. he began making numerous blunders on his
arrival in Rome in 68 AD. he made few friend s when he refused to pay
the Praetorian Guard a bonus. Galba held conservative views saying that
' it is my policy to levy troops, not to buy them' His mind it would
prove, would not be of the hour. His most fatal blunder it is said was
that of his selection of of a heir. He selected Calpurnius Piso Licianus.
Piso had no military experience and was hated by the Praetorian Guard.
This offended Otho, who had expected to succeed Galba and was respected
by the army and the Guard. Otho lost his rag, declared himself Emperor
and led a cavalry charge the killed Galba. Piso was taken from hiding
and cut up into lots of small pieces.


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