Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Twelve Caesars

began collecting Roman coins almost 15 years ago without much real idea as to how to start a collection. Since that time I have shaped my collection into seperate themes. One
of which is the aim to collect all twelve caesars These were the rulers of the empire begining with Julius Caesar and progressing through to Domitian. These are the men who were
the most powerfull figures in western history, crafting with iron and blood and sheer reslove the great Roman Empire itself. These coins are tangible artifacts of the statesman
Augustus, the reclusive Tiberius, the arrogant Caligula, the gluttonous Vitellius and the pragmatic Vespasian. It is a touch challenge to asseble all twelve Caesars requiring
patience and some financial resources all of which I'm afraid I have very little


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the twelce caesars?

6 January 2005 at 13:00  

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